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A machine for doing work on the peripheries or shoulders of workpieces composed of concentric cylindrical or conical shapes, in which a rotating grinding wheel cuts a workpiece rotated from a power headstock and carried past the face of the wheel.

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  1. A cylindrical device positioned between the spindle and outer bearing of a milling machine and designed to hold a milling cutter. 2. A shaft or spindle used to hold a revolving cutting tool or the work to be cut.


A machine that develops rotary power by directing a high-velocity fluid against blades mounted around the rim of a wheel. As a high-velocity fluid passes through a turbine, it pushes against the blades and causes the wheel to turn. The rotation of the wheel turns the axle, which drives the connected machinery.


A cylindrical metal-grinding machine that carries the work on a support or blade between two abrasive wheels.


A screw thread whose forward face is perpendicular to the screw axis and whose back face is at an angle to the axis, so that the thread is both efficient in transmitting power and strong.


A cylindrical chamber in an engine in which the energy of the working fluid, in the form of pressure and heat, is converted to mechanical force by performing work on the piston. Also known as cylinder.


A machine designed to measure the efficiency of lubricants by driving one ball against three stationary balls clamped together in a cup filled with the lubricant; performance is evaluated by measuring wear-scar diselection of averaging, coherence function, correlation, power spectrum, and other mathematical operations involved in calculating Fourier transforms of time-varying signal voltages for such applications as identification of underwater sounds, vibration analysis, oil prospecting, and brain-wave analysis.


A paper-making machine consisting of one or a series of rotary cylindrical filters on which wet paper sheets are formed.


A machine for drilling and countersinking work to be turned on a lathe.


A metal-cutting process by which a cylindrical workpiece is ground to a prescribed surface smoothness and diameter by the insertion of the workpiece between a grinding wheel and a canted regulating wheel; the rotation of the regulating wheel controls the rotation and feed rate of the workpiece.


Manual work done by a machine operator while the machine is automatically operating. Also known as fill-up work;

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