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An instrument for measuring dew point; dew forms on the surface Danjon prismatic astrolabe of a bulb containing ether which is cooled by evaporation into another bulb, the second bulb being cooled by the evaporation of ether on its outer surface.

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The dry bulb temperature less the wet bulb, it shows evaporation rate. Used by farmers for determining spraying conditions.


Uncased assembly of an instrument or other piece of equipment, such as a radio set, having its parts laid out on a flat surface and connected together to permit a check or demonstration of its operation.


An instrument which measures altitudes of celestial bodies, used for determining an accurate astronomical position, usually while ashore in survey work. Originally, the astrolabe consisted of a disk with an arm pivoted at the center, the whole instrument being hung by a ring at the top to establish the vertical.


An instrument for measuring the frost point of the atmosphere; air under test is passed continuously across a polished surface whose temperature is adjusted so that a thin deposit of frost is formed which is in equilibrium with the air.


Boil-off is the vapor produced above the surface of a boiling cargo due to evaporation. It is caused by heat ingress or a drop in pressure.


An instrument used to determine water depth by measuring the time interval for sound waves to go from a source of sound near the surface to the bottom and back again. Also called DEPTH FINDER, ACOUSTIC DEPTH FINDER.


An instrument which 382 determines the temperature of a very hot surface from its incandescent brightness; the image of the surface is focused in the plane of an electrically heated wire, and current through the wire is adjusted until the wire blends into the image of the surface. Also known as disappearing filament pyrometer.


A clay atmometer in the form of a sphere; evaporation indicated by this instrument is supposed to be somewhat representative of that from plant growth.


An instrument for measuring the change of a substance's melting point with change in pressure; the height of a mercury column in a U-shaped capillary supported by an equilibrium between liquid and solid in an adjoining bulb is measured, and the whole apparatus is in a thermostat.


An instrument that records ablation by measuring the distance a snow or ice surface falls during the observation period.

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