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A galvanometer in which a light coil of wire, suspended from thin copper or gold ribbons, rotates in the field of a permanent magnet when current is carried to it through the ribbons; the position of the coil is indicated by a mirror carried on it, which reflects a light beam onto a fixed scale. Also known as light-beam galvanometer.

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An inductor whose coils are wound in such a manner that the turns remain fixed in position with respect to each other, and which either has no magnetic core or has a core whose air gap and position within the coil are fixed.


Any galvanometer, such as the d'Arsonval galvanometer, in which the current to be measured is sent through a coil suspended or pivoted in a fixed magnetic field, and the current is determined by measuring the resulting motion of the coil.


A directwriting recorder in which the stylus or pen is attached to a moving coil positioned in the field of the permanent magnet of a galvanometer.


A cable attached to the bailer of a derrick; it is passed over a sheave at the top of a permanent magnet and surrounded by coils carrying the audio-frequency current; variations in audio-frequency current cause corresponding changes in armature magnetism and corresponding movements of the armature with respect to the poles of the permanent magnet.


A device for measuring the speed of water currents in which a perforated disk, which rotates with the current by means of a propeller, is placed in the path of a beam of light that is then reflected from a mirror onto a phototube.


Instrument which measures the current passing through a fixed coil and a movable coil connected in series by balancing the torque on the movable coil (resulting from the magnetic field of the fixed coil) against that of a spiral spring.


[ENG ACOUS] A sound recorder in which the audio signal voltage is applied to a coil suspended in a magnetic field; the resulting movements of the coil cause a tiny attached mirror to move a reflected light beam back and forth across a slit in front of a moving photographic film.


A light in which a fixed light is combined with a flashing light of higher luminous intensity. The aeronautical light equivalent is called UNDULATING LIGHT


An imaging technique using the wave nature of electrons and light, in which an interference pattern between an object wave and a reference wave is formed using a coherent field-emission electron beam from a sharp tungsten needle, and is recorded on film as a hologram, and the image of the original object is then reconstructed by iilluminating a light beam equivalent to the reference wave onto the hologram.


A light either on a fixed support or on a buoy, marking the limit of a navigable channel. In French, the term FEU DE RIVE is commonly used for a channel light on a fixed support.

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