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A method of chlorine production by passing a hot mixture of gaseous hydrochloric acid with oxygen over a cuprous chloride catalyst.

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A tower in the lead chamber process for manufacturing sulfuric acid; in this tower the nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and air mixture is passed upward and sprayed with a sulfuric acid-nitrosyl sulfuric acid mixture.


A gas, such as nitrogen, or a mixture of non-flammable gases containing insufficient oxygen to support combustion.


A method for producing sodium and chlorine from sodium chloride; potassium chloride and fluoride are added to the sodium chloride to reduce the melting point; the fused mixture is electrolyzed, with sodium forming at the cathode and chlorine at the anode.


Liquid-fuel device using a mixture of oxygen and vaporized or ozonizer See ozone generator.


A type of diving in which the diver's breathing medium is a normal atmospheric mixture of oxygen and nitrogen; limited to depths of 190 feet (58 meters).


The upper and lower bounds of the fuel/air mixture which will support combustion. The upper flammability limit indicates the maximum fuel concentration in air that will support combustion. The lower flammability limit indicates the minimum fuel concentration in the air that will support combustion. Outside of these bounds the mixture does not burn.


Combustion state controlled by mixing phenomena. Fuel and air diffuse into one another until a flammable mixture ratio is achieved.


The rapid reaction of fuel and oxidant (usually oxygen in air) to produce light, heat and noise. Major products of combustion for hydrocarbon fuels (e.g., natural gas, refinery gas, fuel oils) are carbon dioxide and water vapor. Trace products include carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, which are pollutants.


This condition occurs when the fuel or fuel/air mixture velocity is too high, thus allowing the fuel to exit the stabilizing zone before it has achieved its ignition temperature.


A device used to change the direction of a stream of air or of a mixture of pulverized fuel and air.

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