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A space filled with gas whose temperature differs from that of the main body of gas, such as the gas in the capillary tube of a constant-volume gas thermometer.

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A tube of small internal diameter used as a liquid refrigerant flow control and pressure reducer between high and low pressure sides. Also used to transmit pressure from the sensitive bulb of some temperature controls to the operating element.


The time required for a fixed amount of an oil to flow through a capillary tube under the force of gravity. The unit of kinematic viscosity is the stoke or centistoke (1/100 of a stoke). Kinematic viscosity may be defined as the quotient of the absolute viscosity in centipoises divided by the specific gravity of a fluid, both at the same temperature Centipoises / Specific Gravity = Centistokes .


The name given to the temperature-sensing device located in the fluid for which control or indication is provided. The bulb may be liquidfilled, gas filled, or gas-and-liquid filled. Changes in temperature produce pressure changes within the bulb which are transmitted to the controller.


A device that measures the temperature of an enclosed space by means of variations in the pressure or volume of air contained in a bulb placed in the space.


A type of air circulation in a temperature control container. Air is pulled by a fan from the top of the container, passed through the evaporator coil for cooling, and then forced through the space under the load and up through the cargo. This type of air ow provides even temperatures.


A method of measuring the latent heat of vaporization of a liquid that involves determining the temperature rise of a water bath that encloses a tube in which a given amount of vapor is condensed.


A space or zone (defined by the Gas Codes) within a ship’s cargo area which is designated as likely to contain flammable vapor and which is not equipped with approved arrangements to ensure that its atmosphere is maintained in a safe condition at all times. (Refer to the Gas Codes for a more detailed definition).


The gas volume flow rate, relative to the multiphase volume flow rate, at the pressure and temperature prevailing in that section. The GVF is normally expressed as a percentage.


At constant pressure the volume of gas is directly proportional to its absolute temperature.


Electric heaters consisting of long, slender tubes, similar in appearance to fluorescent lamp fixtures. The tubes fit into fixtures, which can be hung from the ceiling or wall, or mounted flush with the ceiling. A reflector is mounted behind each tube directs the radiant heat into the space to be heated.

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