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A fixed dam across a stream channel for the retention of sand, gravel, driftwood, or other debris.

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A fixed dam for diverting stream water away from its course.


A chamber designed to direct a stream into a channel or channels.


A fixed or adjustable plate inserted in a gas or air stream used to change the direction of flow.


The belt of low flat ground bordering a stream or river channel that is flooded when runoff exceeds the capacity of the stream channel.


  1. A stream of water. 2. A natural channel through which water runs.


An artificial dam which increases the depth of water of a river or watercourse, or diverts it into a channel for navigation or irrigation.


  1. A stream of less volume than a river but larger than a brook. 2. A small tidal channel through a coastal marsh. 3. A wide arm of a river or bay, as used locally in Maryland and Virginia


A light either on a fixed support or on a buoy, marking the limit of a navigable channel. In French, the term FEU DE RIVE is commonly used for a channel light on a fixed support.


  1. A new and relatively short channel formed when a stream cuts through the neck of an oxbow or horseshoe bend. 2. An artificial straightening or short-cut in a channel


  1. An artificial bank confining a stream channel or limiting adjacent areas subject to flooding. 2. on the sea floor, an embankment bordering a canyon, valley, or sea channel

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