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Electronic apparatus for measurement of unknown values of resistances or capacitances by comparison with known values (bridge); one secondary section of the oscillator-driven transformer is tapped in decade steps, the other in 10 uniform steps.

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A statistical method for estimating the parameters of a dynamic system, using recursive techniques of estimation, measurement, weighting, and correction. Weighting is based on vari- ances of the measurements and of the estimates. The filter acts to reduce the variance of the estimate with each measurement cycle. In navigation, the technique is used to refine the positions given by one or more electronic systems.


An electronic apparatus consisting of a transmitter, antenna, receiver, and indicator for sending out radio-frequency energy and receiving and displaying reflected energy so as to indicate the range and bearing of the reflecting object.


Fluid-flow measurement device, similar to a venturi tube, inserted as a section of a fluid-carrying pipe; flow rate is measured by pressure drop across a restricted throat.


A tall vertical or raked structure, usually of circular section, located on the centerline of a ship and used to carry navigation lights, radio antennas and cargo booms


Heat-transfer apparatus through which air is passed and heated by a medium of higher temperature, such as the products of combustion or steam.


Apparatus for reducing and controlling the temperature of a superheater vapor or of a fluid.


An angle, T-bar channel, built-up section etc, used to stiffen plating of a bulkhead, etc.


A circumferential section of a boiler shell or drum. With usual diameters, the number of courses will equal the number of plates forming the shell or drum.


A unit of measure commonly used in water analysis for the measurement of impurities in water. (17.1 grains = 1 part per million


A plenum chamber around a burner in which an air pressure is maintained to ensure proper distribution and discharge of secondary air.

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