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Tank or vessel in which solids or immiscible dispersions in a carrier liquid settle or coalesce, with clear upper liquid withdrawn (decanted) as overflow from the top.

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Series of liquid-holding vessels with stirrers, each connected to an unstirred vessel in which solids or heavy immiscible liquids settle out of suspension; light liquid moves through the mixer-settler units, counterflowing to heavy material, in such a manner that fresh liquid contacts treated heavy material, and spent (used) liquid contacts fresh (untreated) heavy material.


Wet, mechanical solids classifier (separator) in which silt particles settle as the carrier liquid is slowly stirred by horizontally revolving rakes; solids are plowed outward and removed at the periphery of the container bowl.


The removal of a soluble component from a liquid mixture by contact with a second liquid, immiscible with the carrier liquid in which the component is preferentially soluble.


Removing solids from liquids by causing particles to settle through the liquid radially toward or away from the center of rotation (depending on the solid-liquid relative densities) by use of a centrifuge.


The use of centrifuges for liquids processing, such as separation of solids or immiscible droplets from liquid carriers, or for liquid-liquid solvent extraction.


Mechanical process vessel with wettable, high-surface area packing on which liquid droplets consolidate for gravity separation from a second phase (for example, gas or immiscible liquid).


A dry bulk vessel of 35,000 to 49,000dwt. (Note that a 'Handy' drybulk carrier is from 10,000 to 34,000dwt.) A 'Handymax Tanker' is a liquid bulk carrier of 10,000 to 60,000dwt.


Pump used to circulate process liquid out of and back into a process system, as in the circulation of distillation column bottoms through an external heater, or the circulation of storage tank bottoms to mix tank contents.


A vessel used to dissolve the smelt from the recovery boiler into a tank of water to produce green liquor.


A grinding machine in which balls rotate under an 47 ball-float liquid-level meter ball grinder pointer adjacent to a calibrated scale in order to measure the level of a liquid in a tank or other container.

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