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An instrument that measures changes in the declination of the earth's magnetic field, consisting of a permanent bar magnet, usually about 0.4 inch (1 centimeter) long, suspended with a plane mirror from a fine quartz fiber 26 inches (515 centimeters) in length; a lens focuses to a point a beam of light reflected from the mirror to recording paper mounted on a rotating drum. Also known as D variometer.

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An instrument, used to measure the pressure exerted by a beam of light, in which there are two small, silvered glass mirrors at the ends of a light rod that is suspended at the center from a fine quartz fiber within an evacuated enclosure.


An optical instrument used as an aid in viewing or photo- graphing distant objects, particularly celestial objects. A reflecting telescope collects light by means of a concave mirror; a refracting telescope by means of a lens or system of lenses. A Cassegrainian telescope is a reflecting telescope in which the immergent light is reflected from the main mirror onto a secondary mirror, where it is reflected through a hole in the main mirror to an eyepiece; a Newtonian telescope is a reflecting telescope in which the immergent beam is reflected from the main mirror onto a small plane mirror, and from there to an eyepiece at the side of the telescope.


An instrument consisting of two bars mounted perpendicular to each other in the focal plane of a telescope, and inclined to the east-west path of stars by 45 ; used to measure differences in right ascension and declination of celestial objects.


[ENG ACOUS] A sound recorder in which the audio signal voltage is applied to a coil suspended in a magnetic field; the resulting movements of the coil cause a tiny attached mirror to move a reflected light beam back and forth across a slit in front of a moving photographic film.


An instrument for drawing circles. In its most common form it consists of two legs joined by a pivot, one leg carrying a pen or pencil and the other leg being pointed. An instrument for drawing circles of large diameter, usually consisting of a bar with sliding holders for points, pencils, or pens is called beam compasses. If both legs are pointed, the instrument is called DIVIDERS and is used principally for measuring distances or coordinates.


A bar of semiconductor material, such as germanium, that will oscillate much like a quartz crystal when it is placed in a magnetic field and is carrying direct current that flows parallel to the magnetic field.


An instrument for measuring magnetic declination


An instrument for measuring bearings, particularly a device consisting of a slender bar with a vane at each end, and designed to fit over a central pivot in the glass cover of a magnetic compass. See also AZIMUTH BAR.


A loudspeaker employing a magnetic driving unit that is mechanically coupled to a paper or fiber cone. Also known as cone speaker.


  1. A bar used to connect a tender to a steam locomotive. 2. A beam across the rear of a tractor for coupling machines or other loads. 3. A clay block submerged in a glass-making furnace to define the point at which sheet glass is drawn.

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