A type of flexible coupling used to join a steam turbine to a reduction-gear pinion shaft; consists of a short piece of shaft with gear teeth at each end, and mates with internal gears in a flange at the ends of the two shafts to be joined.

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A system of gears which alter the ratio between the revolution of the engine and the propeller shaft so the propeller operates in a relatively efficient speed range. By using a gearbox the engine and the propeller shaft will revolve at different speeds.


1. A wooden shaft with a large rubber suction cup at the end, used to clear plumbing traps and waste outlets. 2. The long rod or piston of a reciprocating pump.


A fixed member in a planetary gear train that contains the shaft upon which the planet pinion rotates.


A small tunnel or shaft excavated in advance of the main drivage in mining and tunnel building to gain information about the ground, create a free face, and thus simplify the blasting operations.


A punch press framed by two upright columns; the driving shaft passes through the columns, and the slide operates between them.


Any of various implements consisting of a shaft with a broad, flat blade or bladelike part at one or both ends.


A clutch that allows the driven shaft to turn freely only under certain conditions; for example, a clutch in an engine starter that allows the crank to turn freely when the engine attempts to run.


A gear train in which the angular velocity ratio of the driven shaft to driving shaft is greater than unity, as when the propelling shaft of an automobile revolves faster than the engine shaft.


The shaft that transfers motion from the prime mover to the driven machines.


A caisson in the form of a cylinder or shaft that is open at both ends; it is set in place, pumped dry, and filled with concrete.

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