A compensating network whose output is proportional to the sum of the input signal and its derivative. Also known as lead network.

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  1. An increase in signal magnitude from one point to another, or the process causing this increase.
  2. Of a transducer, the scalar ratio of the signal output to the signal input


A system for which one can divide the range of values of input quantities into a finite number of intervals such that the output quantity is a linear function of the input quantity within each of these intervals.


A circuit that takes a single input alternating voltage and produces two or more output alternating voltages that differ in phase from one another.


The phase angle between the input and output signals of a network or system.


1. A laboratory device for measurement of permeability of materials, for example, soil or rocks; consists of a powder bed of known dimension and degree of packing through which the particles are forced; pressure drop and rate of flow are related to particle size, and pressure drop is related to surface area. 2. A device for measuring the coefficient of permeability by measuring the flow of fluid through a sample across which there is a pressure drop produced by gravity. 3. An instrument for measuring the magnetic flux or flux density produced standard output is being exceeded.


A fluidic device which achieves an output signal, by stream interaction, only when both of two control signals appear simultaneously.


Device that can be slipped over the plate prong of the output tube 385 output-meter adapter output power of a radio receiver to provide a conventional terminal to which an output meter can be connected during alignment.


Analternating-currentvoltmeter connected to the output of a receiver or amplifier to measure output signal strength in volume units or decibels.


Restricted by the need to await completion of an output operation, as in process control or data processing.


A meter or other device that is connected to a radio receiver to indicate variations in output signal strength for alignment and other purposes, without indicating the exact value of output.

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