A balanced scraper blade that rests lightly on a drum filter; removes solids collected on the rotating drum surface by riding on the drum's surface contour.

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A flat bladed tool for removing paint or varnish; sometimes three cornered.


1. A conical-nosed cylindrical weight, attached to a wire rope or line, either notched or seated to engage and attach itself to the upper end of a wire line core barrel or other retrievable or retractable device that has been placed in a borehole. Also known as bug; godevil; overshot. 2. A scraper with self-adjusting spring blades, inserted in a pipeline and carried forward by the fluid pressure, clearing away accumulations or debris from the walls of a pipe. Also known as go-devil. 3. A bullet-shaped weight or small explosive charge dropped to explode a charge of nitroglycerin placed in a borehole. Also known as go-devil. 4. An electric lamp covered by a conical metal case, usually at the end of a flexible metal shaft. 5. See torpedo.


An elevating scraper, that is, one that does the work of a conventional scraper but has a bucket elevator mounted in front of the bowl.

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