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An incident which might have been liable, taking into account the circumstance, to cause serious injury or to cause damage to the health of any person, and includes:

  • any person falling overboard;
  • any fire or explosion;
  • the collapse or bursting of any pressure vessel, pipeline or valve or the accidental ignition of anything in a pipeline; -the collapse or failure of any lifting equipment, access equipment, hatch-cover, staging or bosun’s chair or any associated load bearing parts;
  • the uncontrolled release or escape of any harmful substance or agent;
  • any collapse of cargo, unintended movement of cargo sufficient to cause a list, or loss of cargo overboard;
  • any snagging of fishing gear which results in the vessel heeling to a dangerous angle;
  • the parting of tow-rope;
  • any contact by a person with loose asbestos fibre except when full protective clothing is worn.

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