Every ship of 400GRT or above, every ship certified to carry 15 persons or more engaged in voyage to port or offshore terminals under jurisdiction of other parties to the convention must maintain a GRB.

Entries can be made both in the official language of the flag state administration and English or French. Each entries shall be signed by the officer authorising the operation. Each completed page signed by the Master. It must be preserved for 2 years after the date of last entry.

Master shall obtain receipt from the operator or the port reception facilities, or from the master of the ship receiving the garbage. The receipts or certificates must be kept onboard the ship with GRB for 2 years.

Columns in the GRB include:

  1. Date / time
  2. Position of the ship
  3. Estimated amount discharge into sea
  4. Estimated amount discharge to reception facilities
  5. Estimated amount incinerated
  6. Certification/Signature.

For the purpose of the GRB, garbage is grouped into categories, e.g.

  1. Plastics
  2. Floating dunnage, lining or packing material
  3. Ground down paper products, rags. Metal, bottles, crockery, etc.
  4. Unground paper products, rags, metal, bottles, crockery, etc.
  5. Food waste
  6. Incinerated ash.

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