A system where the evaporation is in direct contact with the material or space refrigerated or the refrigerant itself extracts the heat from the space to be cooled.

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This Refrigeration system usually used one of three refrigerants on merchant ship like Freon, ammonia and carbon dioxide, and the method of expansion system can be divided in two categories either direct or indirect.
The system where the refrigerant, at low pressure and temperature, enters the suction side of the compressor through a scale trap, compression take place and refrigerant leaves the compressor, at high pressure and temperature, passes through oil separation which removes oil from it. Then flows through suitable piping of condenser where sea water is circulated and remove heat from the gas refrigerant, change into liquid form collected by liquid receiver and passes out through the king valve or liquid valve leading to expansion valve, then absorbs heat and become gas or vapor, led back again to the compressor and repeat the cycle.

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