A management system should record the charts, publications and licences/permits carried, and also when the charts and other publications were last corrected. (5th edition BPG 4.12.1) Publications in electronic format may be accepted by certain flag Administrations and should be indicated where approved in lieu of paper publications on SEC Form E including backup arrangement. One shortcoming of ECDIS is that it does not very effectively draw attention to temporary and preliminary (T&P) updates within ENCs. It is also a fact that not all Hydrographic Offices include T&P information in their ENCs. The UKHO has also recognised that the lack of consistent, worldwide, T&P information is a significant problem for mariners and, as an interim measure, is including all Admiralty T&P NMs in its ‘Admiralty Information Overlay’. This allows the limits of the T&P NMs to be displayed as an overlay to ENCs in the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS) by compatible display systems. Other ECDIS manufacturers and ENC suppliers may have their own similar system. Inspectors should verify the system installed to ensure relevant notices are effectively managed.

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System Electronic Navigational Chart a database that comprises ENC data, ENC updates and other data added by the mariner that is accessed by, and displayed on, the ECDIS


Electronic Navigational Chart

S-57 Edition 3

IHO's transfer standard for digital hydrographic data for use with ECDIS



The electronic chart data base actually accessed aboard ship for the display of electronic charts. It is developed from the ENC provided by hydrographic authorities, but is specific to the shipboard system. When corrected, it is the equivalent of a paper chart.


Electronic chart and display information system.


(ECDIS) Tankers of 3,000 GRT and upwards engaged on international voyages shall be fitted with at least one Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). ECDIS must be “type approved” in accordance with IMO Res A.817 (19) as amended and use only official Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs). A secondary means of navigation must also be provided. The secondary means may comprise:

  • A second “type approved” ECDIS with ENC’s and voyage plan loaded before commencement of the voyage and must be operational at all times when the ship is in coastal waters, or,
  • A full folio of paper charts that satisfies SOLAS carriage requirements, corrected to the latest available Notices to Mariners, covering the intended voyage and showing the intended voyage plan.

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