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The inboard end of a ship's anchor chain that is secured in the chain locker

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The specified time interval of a Loran C chain for all stations of the chain to transmit their pulse groups. For each chain a minimum group repetition interval (GRI) is selected of sufficient duration to provide time for each station to transmit its pulse group and additional time between each pulse group so that signals from two or more stations cannot overlap in time anywhere within the coverage area. The GRI is normally stated in terms of tens of microseconds; i.e., the GRI having a duration of 79,900 microseconds is stated as 7900.


A ported or closed cover for the end of a filter element.


An end closure for the filter case or bowl that contains one or more ports.


An end closure for the filter case or bowl which contains one or more ports.


A single wide plate that is butt-connected to two narrow plates, usually near the ends of a ship.


Heavy chain used with permanent moorings and connecting the various legs or bridles


The highest sustained air stream velocity existing in the mixed air path at the end of the throw.


A type of petroleum fluid derived from paraffinic crude oil and containing a high proportion of straight chain saturated hydrocarbons. Often susceptible to cold flow problems.


A chemical compound whose molecules exhibit electrically positive characteristics at one extremity and negative characteristics at the other. Polar compounds are used as additives in many petroleum products. Polarity gives certain molecules a strong affinity for solid surfaces; as lubricant additives (oiliness agents), such molecules plate out to form a tenacious, friction- reducing film. Some polar molecules are oil-soluble at one end and water-soluble at the other end; in lubricants, they act as emulsifiers, helping to form stable oil-water emulsions. Such lubricants are said to have good metal-wetting properties. Polar compounds with a strong attraction for solid contaminants act as detergents in engine oils by keeping contaminants finely dispersed.


An axial load bearing, radial-load-type bearing which supports the end of a shaft or pivot.
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