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An apparatus or device used to remove the alkaline carbonate and bicarbonate ions from a water supply.

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  1. An apparatus for vaporizing, cracking, and enriching oils in the manufacture of carbureted water gas. 2. A device that makes and controls the proportions and quantity of fuel-air mixture fed to a spark-ignition internal combustion engine.


A device to measure the electrical conductivity of sea water at various depths from a moving ship.


A device composed of two pipes, one inside the other, used to extract water from a well; the lower end of the pipes is submerged, and air is delivered through the inner pipe to form a mixture of air and water which rises in the outer pipe above the water in the well; also used to move corrosive liquids, mill tailings, and sand. Also known as air lift.


A heat-exchange device utilizing many small cells, shaped like a bees' comb, for cooling circulating water in an automobile.


Fluid-cooling device through which the fluid flows in a series of horizontal tubes, one above the other; cooling water from a trough drips over each tube, then to a drain. Also known as serpentine cooler; trickle cooler.


A device for measuring the speed of water currents in which a perforated disk, which rotates with the current by means of a propeller, is placed in the path of a beam of light that is then reflected from a mirror onto a phototube.


The boiling of a highly alkaline water in boiler pressure parts for the removal of oils, greases, etc. prior to normal operation or after major repairs.


A device that is installed to prevent the backwards flow of potentially contaminated water, gas, or other substance into any potable water supply or distribution piping.


A bottlelike water-sampling device with valves at both ends that is lowered into the water by wire; at the desired depth it is activated by a messenger which strikes the reversing mechanism and inverts the bottle, closing the valves and trapping the water sample inside. Also known as Petterson-Nansen water n-body problem depth for navigation purposes.


A device for removing entrained water from steam.

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