Anything that has gone overboard.

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A device for determining the course and speed over the ground in shallow water consisting of a lead or weight attached to a line. The lead is thrown overboard and allowed to rest on the bottom. The course over ground is indicated by the direction the line tends and the speed by the amount of line paid out in a unit of time.


Over the side or out of the boat.


Overboard and into the water, as it fell into the drink.


A historical speed measuring device consisting of a weighted wooden quadrant (quarter of a circle) attached to a bridle in such a manner that it will float in a vertical position, and a line with equally spaced knots, usually each 47 feet 3 inches apart. Speed is measured by casting the quadrant overboard and counting the number of knots paid out in a unit of time, usually 28 seconds.


An opening in the lower portion of a bulwark, which allows deck water to drain overboard


Tube through which anchor chain is led overboard from the windlass on the deck


The change of state from vapor/gas into a liquid, reverse to evaporation. If a vapor becomes supersaturated, condensation takes place and heat is surrendered. For example, in a seawater cooled condenser, a compressor has raised the pressure of the vapor to such an extent that at seawater temperature, it is supersaturated. Condensation takes place, and the latent heat released heats up the water passing through the condenser tubes; the heated seawater passing overboard into the sea, to be replaced continuously by fresh cool water. The resulting condensate will be somewhat warmer than the seawater coolant.


Man Overboard


Throwing overboard of goods in order to lighten the vessel or improve its stability in case of an emergency


To place overboard and tow, as to stream a log or stream a sea anchor.

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