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A ship with a crane specialized in lifting heavy loads.

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A multipurpose ship that can carry Ore, heavy dry Bulk goods or Oil. They can make return journeys with cargo rather than empty as single-purpose ships often must.


A crane on a ship which hold the lifeboat. It is constructed in such a way as to lower and lift the lifeboat the easiest way possible and are also unobstructed in case of an emergency.


To pitch and roll heavily under conditions which subject the ship to unusually heavy stresses caused by confused or turbulent seas or unstable stowage of cargo


A specialized facility where ocean container vessels dock to discharge and load containers, equipped with cranes with a safe lifting capacity of 35-40 tons, with booms having an outreach of up to 120 feet in order to reach the outside cells of vessels. Most such cranes operate on rail tracks and have articulating rail trucks on each of their four legs, enabling them to traverse along the terminal and work various bays on the vessel and for more than one crane to work a single vessel simultaneously. Most terminals have direct rail access and container storage areas, and are served by highway carriers.


When the ship turns broadside to heavy seas, thus exposing to the risk of capsizing.


When a ship is straining under the force of heavy weather.


A device for holding heavy objects such as rock or lumber to be lifted by a crane or hoist; shaped like scissors, with points bent inward for grasping the load. Also spelled crampoon.


A heavy rope or chain for mooring a ship


Track-mounted, shoreside crane utilized in the loading and unloading of breakbulk cargo, containers and heavy lift cargo.


A cable or chain device used for lifting heavy loads.

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