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A metal shaped pin to hold oars whilst rowing.

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A metal pin pushed through matching holes drilled through two or more plates that is hammered into a domed head at each end in order to squeeze the plates together.


A type of hexagonal nut with a cylindrical portion above through which slots are cut so that a cotter pin or safety wire can hold it in place.


A wooden or metal block used to hold the shape or dimensional accuracy of a molding until it cools enough to retain its shape.


1) A bowed metal fitting closed with a pin through the ends, used for ease of attachment of ropes, wires and chains. 2) A 15 fathoms length of anchor chain, sometimes called a shot.


A two-piece metal clamp, secured by bolts at both ends; used to hold riser pipes.


  1. A pole with a sharp metal point in one end that is used to hold utility poles upright while they are being installed. 2. See fire hook.


A metal plate with bent ends used to hold blocks together.


A push nipple is a smooth piece of pipe, slightly tapered at both ends. Push nipples are used to connect radiator or cast iron boiler sections together, taking advantage of the nipple's taper to create a tight seal. Boilers and radiators whose sections are connected by push nipples make use of tie rods between the sections to hold them together.


  1. A metal bar attached to one or both ends of a powered transportation vehicle, especially an automobile, to prevent damage to the body. 2. In a drilling operation, the supporting stay between the main foundation sill and the engine block. 3. In drilling, a fishing tool for loosening jammed cable tools.


A building where metal or glass castings are produced.

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