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The process of leaving a ship or aircraft, or removing goods from a ship or aircraft.

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The process of declaring the importation of foreignmade goods into the United States for use in the United States.


The placing of goods in a ship in such a way as to ensure the safety and stability of the ship


The process of removing fuel from a vessel. After a ship wreck, a 'debunkering' operation will be performed in an effort to minimize damage and protect the environment from fuel spills.


Shipment of goods on shipper's own account. A bill of adventure is a document signed by the master of the ship that carries goods at owner's risk. Also, a term used in some insurance policies to mean a voyage or a shipment.


Abbreviation for: 1) Ballast Bonus: Special payment above the Chartering price when the ship has to sail a long way on ballast to reach the loading port. 2) Bareboat: Method of chartering of the ship leaving the charterer with almost all the responsibilities of the owner.


  1. Old cordage past its useful service life as lines aboard ship. The strands of old junk were teased apart in the process called picking oakum.
  2. A sailing ship of classic Chinese design with characteristic full batten sails that span the masts usually on unstayed rigs.


A document by which the Master of a ship acknowledges having received in good order and condition (or the reverse) certain specified goods consigned to him by some particular shipper, and binds himself to deliver them in similar condition, unless the perils of the sea, fire or enemies prevent him, to the consignees of the shippers at the point of destination on their paying him the stipulated freight. A bill of lading specifies the name of the master, the port and destination of the ship the goods, the consignee, and the rate of freight.


Any ship which is used primarily in commerce 1) For transporting persons or goods to or from any harbor(s) or port(s) or between places within a harbor area; 2) In connection with the construction, change in construction, servicing, maintenance, repair, loading, unloading, movement, piloting, or salvaging of any other ship or vessel.


1) The process of leveling a solid bulk cargo within a cargo space partially or totally, by means of the loading spout, chutes, spoons, portable equipment, machinery, and/or manual labor. 2) The process of shifting cargo or ballast within a ship to ensure proper trim (fore and aft angle) of the vessel.


A moveable bridge used in boarding or leaving a ship at a pier.

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