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Small superstructure on the top deck which contains the steering wheel and other navigational instruments.

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The upper-most spoke of a steering wheel (in ahead position).


A piece of equipment installed on an automotive vehicle in order to prevent or slow down theft; designs include mechanical locks on the steering wheel and ignition switch as well as other means of shutting off the ignition system, shutting off fuel flow, or sounding an alarm.


A seaman who works on the deck of a ship and remains in the wheelhouse attending to the orders of the duty officers during navigation and manoeuvring.


The officer in the deck department next in rank to the master; second in command of a ship. He is next to the master, most especially in the navigation and as far as the deck department is concerned. The chief mate assumes the position of the Master in his absence.


The usual steering device on larger vessels: a wheel with a horizontal axis, connected by cables to the rudder.


A device for controlling the application of power at a distance, especially one by which the steering gear of a vessel is con- trolled from the wheel house.


The vertical distance from the molded baseline to the top of the freeboard deck beam at side, measured at midlength of the ship


Measure of below deck spaces and superstructure of full width.


A bridge deck constructed typically of flat steel plate and longitudinal and transverse ribs; functions in carrying traffic and acting as top flanges of floor beams.


An upper deck superstructure of officer's accommodation and staterooms..

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