The rim or 'eyebrow' above a port-hole or scuttle.

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A small circular or oval opening fitted in decks to provide access


A machine that develops rotary power by directing a high-velocity fluid against blades mounted around the rim of a wheel. As a high-velocity fluid passes through a turbine, it pushes against the blades and causes the wheel to turn. The rotation of the wheel turns the axle, which drives the connected machinery.


Rim over a port hole to deflect drips.


Sections of wood from which the rim of a wheel is built up.


Rim over a port hole to deflect drips.


A core drill with hardened steel shot pellets that revolve under the rim of the rotating tube; employed in rotary drilling in very hard ground.


1. A grooved rim used to hold a transparent glass or plastic window or lens for a meter, tuning dial, or some other indicating device. 2. A sloping face on a cutting tool.


A projecting rim or band.


1. A cup on the rim of a Pelton wheel against which water impinges. 2. A reversed curve at the toe of a spillway to deflect the water horizontally and reduce erosiveness. 3. A container on a lift pump or chain pump. 4. A container on some bulk-handling equipment, such as a bucket elevator, bucket dredge, or bucket conveyor. 5. A water outlet in a turbine. 6. See calyx.


A clutch operated by centrifugal force from the speed of rotation of a shaft, as when heavy expanding friction shoes act on the internal surface of a rim clutch, or a flyball-type mechanism is used to activate clutching surfaces on cones and disks.

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