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Ropes in the rigging of a ship

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Securing a ship at a dock or elsewhere by ropes or cables


A long, fine, very flexible structure that may be woven, braided stranded or twisted into a variety of fabrics, twine, cordage or rope.


Rope and cordage used aboard a vessel.


  1. A knot used to join two ropes or lines.
  2. To attach a rope to an object.
  3. Fastening a sail to a yard


A heavy rope or chain for mooring a ship


  1. A rope (line) leading from gaff to either side of the deck, used to prevent the gaff from sagging.
  2. One of a pair of ropes leading from the deck to the head of a spritsail. It steadies the sprit and can control the sails performmance during a tack. The vang fall blocks are mounted slightly afore the main horse while rolling vangs are extra preventers lead forward to keep the sail to leeward in heavy weather.


A derrick having a vertical pole supported by guy ropes to which a boom is attached by rope or cable suspension at a distance the indications of the master gyro compass system.


A cable or rope used in securing a ship


In general, cordage as it is purchased at the store. When it comes aboard a vessel and is put to use it becomes line.


Ropes supported by stanchions around an open hatch to prevent persons from falling into a hold

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