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A rounded wooden block with hole used to set up ship's stays

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A hole drilled in quarries for the purpose of splitting a block of {


The characteristic of a body, such as an aircraft, rocket, or ship, that causes it, when disturbed from an original state of steady motion in an upright position, to damp the oscillations set up by restoring moments and gradually return to its original state. Also known as stability.


A centrifuge with a large bowl having a set of disks that separate the liquid into thin layers to create shallow settling chambers.


A process of quarrying stone in which channels, several inches wide, are cut by hand tools, and the stone block is detached from the bed by pinch bars.


A rivet holding a charge of explosive material; when the charge is set off, the rivet expands to fit tightly in the hole.


  1. A length of wire or rope secured at one end to a mast or spar and having a block or other fitting at the lower end.
  2. A length of wire or rope hooked to a tackle on leeboards.
  3. A long, thin triangular flag flown from the masthead of a military ship (as opposed to a burgee, the flags thus flown on yachts).


A plate reinforcing the top of a drilled hole that accepts a pintle.


When the lower block of a tackle is pulled so tight to the upper one, so that it will hoist no higher; also called two-blocks.


In quality control, a graph summarizing the distribution, central value, and variability of a set of data values; used to identify problems (or potential problems) that affect the quality of processes and products.


A set of markings amidships on a vessel showing to what point a vessel can be safely loaded for transiting various areas of the world depending on water density and/or season. Also referred to as the plimsoll marks. See International Loadline Certificate.

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