A small open boat. a dinghy is often used as a tender for a larger craft.

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A vessel which leads, serves, or carries smaller vessels, in the latter case either releasing them and then proceeding independently or also recovering them after they have completed a mission or operation. A mother ship sometimes contrasts with a tender , which often (but not necessarily) is a vessel that supports or cares for larger vessels.


An individual or businesses who tender goods or cargo for transportati


A tender ship is one which have a long period of roll but may list excessively in a strong wind and may be dangerous if a hold is flooded following a collision


The tender of one lot of cargo at one time from one shipper to one consignee on one bill of lading.


1. A bar used to connect a tender to a steam locomotive. 2. A beam across the rear of a tractor for coupling machines or other loads. 3. A clay block submerged in a glass-making furnace to define the point at which sheet glass is drawn.


A board or plate lowered through the hull of a dinghy on the centerline to resist leeway.


In dinghy sailing especially (but can include other boats), a boat is said to be turtling or to turn turtle when the boat is fully inverted with the mast pointing down to the lake bottom or seabed.


A dinghy with a transom at the bow and stern.


Foot straps in a sailing dinghy to allow the crew to swing out over the side of the boat.


Eccentric shaft used in most internal combustion engines to open and close valves.

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