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Any bulk, bagged or other type of cargo stowed in single hold ships.

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Portable bulkhead members, generally constructed of wood planking and fitted fore and aft in cargo holds when carrying grain or other cargo to prevent shifting when the ship is rolling


A compartment below deck in a large vessel, used solely for carrying cargo.


Cargo carrying surface below the main deck dividing a hold horizontally in an upper and a lower compartment.


The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside faces of the cargo battens, and lower side of the deck beams, and the top of the tank top ceiling.


An enclosed space in the cargo area external to a cargo containment system, other than a hold space, ballast space, fuel oil tank, cargo pump or compressor room or any space in normal use by personnel.


That part of the ship which contains the cargo containment system, cargo pumps and compressor rooms, and includes the deck area above the cargo containment system. Where fitted, cofferdams, ballast tanks and void spaces at the after end of the aftermost hold space or the forward end of the forward-most hold space are excluded from the cargo area.


A ship whose cargo holds are shaped so that the cargo levels by itself.


  1. A place or room for the stowage of cargo in a vessel.
  2. The act of stowing cargo aboard a vessel.
  3. To arrange (cargo, goods, etc.) in the hold of a vessel; to move or rearrange such goods; the pulling and moving about of packages incident to close stowage aboard a vessel.
  4. To search a vessel for smuggled goods, e.g.


Opening in the deck of a vessel through which cargo is loaded into, or discharged from the hold and which is closed by means of a hatch cover.


Hold cargo capacity from inside frames or ceiling.

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