Notice of readiness

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To be in readiness or prepared to execute an order.

The watchkeeping personnel shall be ready for starting or maneuvering the main engine.


A term used to describe the time at which a vessel is no longer meeting the terms of readiness for a shipment and is therefore no longer earning revenue during that time. Some situations which can cause offhire periods are holds not clean, dry, free from infestation; engine failure, cannot sail due to crew problem or shortage. Etc.. When a vessel's condition changes back to meet the contract or charter party terms it is placed back on-hire. In some cases such as poor engine perfoprmance which extends the charter and adds expenses a claim for partial offhire may be made.


A sequence of actions to test or examine a thing as to its readiness for incorporation into a new phase of use or as to the performance of its intended function.


A document served by the Master to the charterers informing them that the vessel is ready to according to the terms outlined in the charter party:

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