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  1. A post or pair mounted on the ship's bow, for fastening ropes or cables.
  2. Strong vertical timbers or irons fastened through the deck beams used for securing ropes or hawsers.

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  1. Connects two parts roughly at right angles, e.g. deck beams to frames.
  2. A vertical rubber fender used on pushboats or piers, sometimes shaped like a human leg bent slightly at the knee.


(D): The vertical distance between the moulded base line and the top of the beams of the uppermost continuous deck measured at the side amidships.


Supporting deck beams housing a mast or deck structure.


  1. A knot used to join two ropes or lines.
  2. To attach a rope to an object.
  3. Fastening a sail to a yard


Numbers placed as a vertical scale at bow and stern to indicate a vessel's draught at the points, enabling trim to be monitored.


  1. A rope (line) leading from gaff to either side of the deck, used to prevent the gaff from sagging.
  2. One of a pair of ropes leading from the deck to the head of a spritsail. It steadies the sprit and can control the sails performmance during a tack. The vang fall blocks are mounted slightly afore the main horse while rolling vangs are extra preventers lead forward to keep the sail to leeward in heavy weather.


The vertical distance from the molded baseline to the top of the freeboard deck beam at side, measured at midlength of the ship


A derrick having a vertical pole supported by guy ropes to which a boom is attached by rope or cable suspension at a distance the indications of the master gyro compass system.


A bar of soft unmagnetized iron placed vertically near a magnetic compass to counteract deviation caused by magnetic induction in vertical soft iron of the craft


A continuous member usually running fore and aft under a deck for the purpose of supporting the deck beams and deck

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