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A rope loop, usually at the corners of a sail, for fixing the sail to a spar. They are often reinforced with a metal eye.

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Originally, ropes used for hoisting a spar with a sail attached; today, a line used to raise the head of any sail.


A line used to control either a mobile spar, or the shape of a sail. A downhaul can also be used to retrieve a sail back on deck.


Fibres of old rope packed between spars, or used as a fender.


A rope attached to middle of square sail to haul it up to the yard


A machine which takes large quantities of raw or finished materials and binds them with rope or metal straps or wires into a large package.


  1. A rope (line) leading from gaff to either side of the deck, used to prevent the gaff from sagging.
  2. One of a pair of ropes leading from the deck to the head of a spritsail. It steadies the sprit and can control the sails performmance during a tack. The vang fall blocks are mounted slightly afore the main horse while rolling vangs are extra preventers lead forward to keep the sail to leeward in heavy weather.


  1. A knot used to join two ropes or lines.
  2. To attach a rope to an object.
  3. Fastening a sail to a yard


A piece of rope placed so as to confine a spar or another rope. A handle made of rope, in the form of a circle; the handle of a chest is called a becket.


A spar attached to the foot of a fore-and-aft sail.


  1. A conical-nosed cylindrical weight, attached to a wire rope or line, either notched or seated to engage and attach itself to the upper end of a wire line core barrel or other retrievable or retractable device that has been placed in a borehole. Also known as bug; godevil; overshot. 2. A scraper with self-adjusting spring blades, inserted in a pipeline and carried forward by the fluid pressure, clearing away accumulations or debris from the walls of a pipe. Also known as go-devil. 3. A bullet-shaped weight or small explosive charge dropped to explode a charge of nitroglycerin placed in a borehole. Also known as go-devil. 4. An electric lamp covered by a conical metal case, usually at the end of a flexible metal shaft. 5. See torpedo.

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