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The 'cut' of a sail refers to its shape. Since this would vary between ships, it could be used both to identify a familiar vessel at a distance, and to judge the possible sailing qualities of an unknown one.

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1) A sailing course that is reaching or running. 2) A vessel is free, when she has a fair wind. 3) A freeing puff allows sheets to be eased, or the sail boat to be pointed higher. 4) When the water has been pumped out of a vessel and she is no longer encumbered.


When a sailing vessel is dead before the wind, with her foresail on one side and her mainsail on the other.


A term used to describe the time at which a vessel is no longer meeting the terms of readiness for a shipment and is therefore no longer earning revenue during that time. Some situations which can cause offhire periods are holds not clean, dry, free from infestation; engine failure, cannot sail due to crew problem or shortage. Etc.. When a vessel's condition changes back to meet the contract or charter party terms it is placed back on-hire. In some cases such as poor engine perfoprmance which extends the charter and adds expenses a claim for partial offhire may be made.


An arrangement each yard on a square rigged sailing ship is equipped with for sailors to stand on while setting or stowing the sails


Means any vessel under sail provided that propelling machinery, if fitted, is not being used according to the collision regulations.


A billowing sail of light material used for sailing downwind.


A large sail used only for sailing downwind, requiring little attention.


A naval sailing vessel having the tactical advantage over another by being in a position to windward.


Historic sailing vessel equipped with mortars.


1) To press a vessel with high speed for the conditions. 2) To carry much sail in a heavy wind. 3) The entire mechanism connecting the engine to the propeller, i.e., inboard-outboard drive, reduction-gear drive, direct drive, etc.

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