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The process of removing fuel from a vessel. After a ship wreck, a 'debunkering' operation will be performed in an effort to minimize damage and protect the environment from fuel spills.

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The process of converting solid or liquid fuel into a gaseous fuel such as the gasification of coal.


1) The process of leveling a solid bulk cargo within a cargo space partially or totally, by means of the loading spout, chutes, spoons, portable equipment, machinery, and/or manual labor. 2) The process of shifting cargo or ballast within a ship to ensure proper trim (fore and aft angle) of the vessel.


An element of an operation or process that does not occur in every cycle but has a frequency of occurrence that is specified by the method.


An oxyfuel gas welding process in which the fuel gas is acetylene.


A procedure whereby an optimum route is developed based on the forecasts of weather and seas and the ship’s characteristics for a particular transit. Within specified limits of weather and sea conditions, ship weather routing seeks maximum safety and crew comfort, minimum fuel consumption, minimum time under- way, or any desired combination of these factors.


All the equipment required, such as pumps, fans, fuel supply, and others, required for the efficient and safe operation of a system.


HHV, the theoretical heat the combustion process can release if the fuel and oxidant are converted with 100% efficiency to CO2 and liquid H20.


A mass-production arrangement whereby the work in process is progressively transferred from one operation to the next until the product is assembled.


  1. The method of applying a signal to an electronic circuit or device. 2. The process of introducing electrons or holes into a semiconductor so that their total number exceeds the number present at thermal equilibrium. 3. The introduction of fuel, fuel and air, fuel and oxidizer, water, or other substance into an engine induction system or combustion chamber.


The difference between the draft forward and the draft aft. A ship is trimmed by adjusting the location of fuel, cargo, ballast, etc.

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