Very rough seas with large white capped waves.

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A long piece of rough canvas sewed across the sails to give them additional strength.


A small boat being thrown end-over-end in very rough seas.


A specially constructed double ended boat which can withstand heavy, rough seas.


A mound of rough stones or concrete, particularly one intended to serve as a landmark or message location. The stones are customarily piled in a pyramidal or beehive shape


A reflection process in which the reflected radiation is sent out in many directions usually bearing no simple relationship to the angle of incidence. It results from reflection from a rough surface with small irregularities.


A filter material made from plant fibers. Because cellulose is a natural material, its fibers are rough in texture and vary in size and shape. Compared to synthetic media, these characteristics create a higher restriction to the flow of fluids.


The return or the change in direction of travel of radiation by a surface without change of frequency of the monochromal components of which the radiation is composed. The radiation does not enter the substance providing the reflecting surface. If reflecting surface is smooth, specular reflection occurs; if the reflecting surface is rough with small irregularities, diffuse reflection occurs.


1. A moderately rough sea. Used chiefly in the expression in a seaway. 2. The sea as a route of travel from one place to another; a shipping lane.


A deviation from parallel flow in a pipe due to rough inner walls, obstructions or directional changes.


A small boat being thrown end-over-end in very rough seas.

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