A flexible bumper used in boating to keep boats from banging into docks or each other. Often an old car tyre.

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Fibres of old rope packed between spars, or used as a fender.


The wooden or plastic pilings on the outer edge of the wharf function like the fenders on a car. They are there to absorb the shock of a ship as it docks at the wharf and to protect the structural pilings that actually support the wharf. Fender piles are also called sacrifice piles since they are designed to be discarded after they are broken.


A padded fender to keep a vessel away from a pier or quay to prevent damage to the hull or pier


1. Connects two parts roughly at right angles, e.g. deck beams to frames. 2. A vertical rubber fender used on pushboats or piers, sometimes shaped like a human leg bent slightly at the knee.


A board, suspended horizontally so as to span fenders and spread the wear or increase the effective fender surface.

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