A narrow (fine) in appearance from the vantage point of a lookout or other person viewing activity in the vicinity of a ship, e.g., another ship off the starboard bow with her bow or stern facing the viewer's ship could be described as 'fine on the starboard bow' of the viewer's ship.

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The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea defines Towing Light as yellow, fixed, seen over an arc of 135 degrees and so arranged as to display 67.5 degrees from right aft on each side of the vessel. Towing light has the same characteristics as a STERN LIGHT.


The spar projecting from stern of ship


Toward the stern, relative to some object ('abaft the fore hatch').


To capsize a boat stern over bow, rather than by rolling over.


The rail at the stern of the boat that covers the head of the counter timbers.


A single-masted, square-sailed ship with raised stern


A sail on the mast nearest the stern of a square-rigged ship


The part of ship's stern where name is displayed


The part of ship where ends of lower planks meet under the stern


The part of the stern above the waterline that extends beyond the rudder stock culminating in a small transom. A long counter increases the waterline length when the boat is heeled, so increasing hull speed.

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