A loose block and tackle with a hook or tail on each end, which can be used wherever it is needed. Usually made up of one single and one double block.

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1. A teethed wheel which transfers rotating motion by engaging with another gera. 2. A general term for ropes, blocks, tackle and other equipment.


A combination of blocks and line to increase mechanical advantage.


A pulley with one or more sheaves (grooves), over which a rope is roved. It can be used to chage the direction of the rope, or in pairs used to form a tackle.


A mechanical method of increasing force, such as a tackle or lever


The part of the tackle that is hauled upon


1. A length of wire or rope secured at one end to a mast or spar and having a block or other fitting at the lower end. 2. A length of wire or rope hooked to a tackle on leeboards. 3. A long, thin triangular flag flown from the masthead of a military ship (as opposed to a burgee, the flags thus flown on yachts).


The raised part of the forward end of a ship's deck. It is used for the storing paints, tackle, deck stores, tarpaulins, ropes, etc.


Blocks and tackle for hoisting a boat onto its davits.


The tackle falls jammed within a block.


When the lower block of a tackle is pulled so tight to the upper one, so that it will hoist no higher; also called two-blocks.

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