The centerline plank of a laid deck. Its sides are often recessed, or nibbed, to take the ends of their parallel curved deck planks.

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Across the ship, at right angles to the fore-and-aft centerline


The distance between the pump centerline and the source of liquid below the pump centerline.


The combination of static suction lift and friction head in the suction piping when the source of liquid is below the pump centerline.


A board or plate lowered through the hull of a dinghy on the centerline to resist leeway.


At right angles to the fore and aft or centerline of a ship.


At right angles to the centerline of the boat.


1. The least depth in the approach or channel to an area, such as a port or anchorage, governing the maximum draft of vessels that can enter. 2. The least depth within the limits of a channel; it restricts the safe use of the channel to drafts of less than that depth. The centerline controlling depth of a channel applies only to the channel centerline; lesser depths may exist in the remainder of the channel. The mid-channel controlling depth of a channel is the controlling depth of only the middle half of the channel.


When the centerline plane of a ship is not vertical, the ship is said to list, or to heel


A vertical line at the intersection of the summer load line and the after side of the rudder post or sternpost, or the centerline of the rudder stock if there is no rudder post or sternpost


A fore-and-aft reference line at the upper surface of the flat plate keel at the centerline for flush shell plated vessels. Vertical dimensions are measured from a horizontal plane through the baseline, often called the molded baseline.

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