A civilian officer or sailor who serves in the merchant marine. Sometimes such personnel are incorrectly called 'merchant marines,' but both merchant mariners and marines frown on this term; although merchant mariners are part of the merchant marine, they are civilians and are not in any way marines , which are a specialized type of military personnel.

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[SYS ENG] Property of a system composed of functionally parallel elements in such a way that if one of the elements fails, the parallel units will continue to carry out the system function.


A discipline concerned with the interaction of workers with the environment, and with matching humans with the environment in the most ergonomically efficient way and with minimal disturbance of the environment.


[MECHENG] An aerial rope way that uses one rope to both support and haul a load.


A device consisting of a long metallic pin of graduated diameters fitted to the main nozzle of a carburetor (on an internal combustion engine) or passage leading thereto in such a way that it measures or meters the amount of gasoline permitted to flow by it at various speeds. Also known as metering pin.


1. The transmittance between the source and sink created by the splitting of a specified node in a signal flow graph. 2. The transmittance between the source and sink created by the splitting of a node which has been inserted in a specified branch of a signal flow graph in such a way that the transmittance of the branch is unchanged.


A movement of a vessel through the water such as headway, sternway or leeway.


Intentional transmission or re-radiation of radio signals in such a way as to interfere with reception of desired signals by the intended receiver.


Sailing with the wind coming from the starboard side of the vessel. Has right of way over boats on port tack.


A way of loading cargo into large barges and then in turn loading the barges into a ship.


A crane on a ship which hold the lifeboat. It is constructed in such a way as to lower and lift the lifeboat the easiest way possible and are also unobstructed in case of an emergency.

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