1. The loose end of a rope that has been secured to a winch or a cleat
  2. A short length of synthetic rope attached to the end of a mooring line to provide increased elasticity and also ease of handling. Also referred to as ‘pennant’or pendant.

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A winch used for raising the leeboard which has a barrel fir pulling in the staysail sheets.


Iron fingers that click into notches in the barrel on a winch to prevent roll-back.


The winch used to raise a ship's anchor


A device used to increase hauling power when handling mooring ropes, raising or trimming sails etc.


Means of fixing a fibre rope so that the strands will not unravel. On wire rope it is called seize or wrap. Used tape or light wire. Can braze end of wire if going through drum or winch and take wire off.


A split circular inset that tightens on a shaft when longitudinal compression is applied, used in winch clutch or drill chuck applications.


A winch with which you can set a specific tension and it will maintain this tension and pay out line if the set tension is exceeded, therefore avoiding the parting of a towing hawser, or mooring line under excess strain.


A winch that is operated by hand.


A wire rope with the wires in concentric sheaths instead of in strands, and in opposite directions in the different sheaths, giving the rope nonspinning properties. Also known as nonspinning rope.


[MECHENG] An aerial rope way that uses one rope to both support and haul a load.

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