a shipping corridors marked by buoys which separate incoming from outgoing vessels.

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A piece of ice smaller than a BERGY BIT or FLOEBERG, often transparent but appearing green or almost black in color. It extends less than 1 meter above the sea surface and its length is less than 20 feet (6 meters). A growler is large enough to be a hazard to shipping but small enough that it may escape visual or radar detection.


A Specialized Agency of the United Nations responsible for maritime safety and efficiency of navigation. The IMO provides for cooperation among governments in the field of governmental regulations and practices relating to technical matters of all kinds affecting shipping engaged in international trade: to encourage the general adoption of the highest practicable standards in matters concerning maritime safety, efficiency of navigation, and the prevention and control of marine pollution from ships, and to deal with legal matters related to the purposes set out in Article 1 of the Convention.


Domestic shipping routes along a single coast.


The official shipping seal; customs clearance form


Domestic shipping routes along a single coast.


Domestic shipping routes serving more than one coast.


Association of Shipping Lines


A reservation of a country's coastal (domestic) shipping for its own flag vessels.


A person usually having the experience of a certificated master mariner and having a good knowledge of the characteristics of the port and its whole area. He administers the entire shipping movements that take place in and within reach of his port.


A consignment of cargo which is insufficient to fill a shipping container. It is grouped with other consignments for the same destination in a container at a container freight station.

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