A shield against rain or spray on a ship's bridge.

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1. A frame used in front of a television picture tube to conceal the rounded edges of the screen. 2. A thin sheet of metal or other material containing an open pattern, used to shield selected portions of a semiconductor or other surface during a deposition process. 3. A protective covering for the face or head in the form of a wire screen, a metal shield, or a respirator.


A shield placed over a radarscope, to eliminate extraneous ligh


A cage or screen in which a thermometer and sometimes other instrument are placed to shield them from the direct rays of the sun and from other conditions that would interfere with registration of true conditions. It is usually a small wooden structure with louvered sides.


A guard or shield on an eyepiece of an optical system, to protect the eye from stray light, wind, etc., and to maintain proper eye distance. Also called EYE SHIELD, EYE SHADE, SHADE.


Plates fitted on a forward weather deck to form a V-shaped shield against water that is shipped over the bow


A metal housing around an electrical or magnetic element to eliminate or reduce the effect of its electric or magnetic field, or to reduce the effect of an exterior field on the element.


A removable ring used to axially position a bearing or outer ring in a housing. Also used as a means of fastening a shield or seal in a bearing.


The cone-shaped shield at the top of the funnel.


A type of movable shield made of a material designed to absorb ionizing radiation, for protection from radiation.


Electrostatic shield composed of wire mesh or a series of parallel wires, usually connected at one end to another conductor which is grounded. Also known as Faraday cage.

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