The seaworthiness of a ship regarding the centrifugal force which enables her to remain upright.

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A solventextraction device in which centrifugal action enhances liquid-liquid contact and increases resultant separation efficiency.


A device that removes liquid mist or droplets from a gas stream via impingement, flow-direction change, velocity change, centrifugal force, filters, or coalescing packs.


A group of industrial operations by means of which particles of solid or drops of liquid are removed from a gas or liquid, or are separated into individual fractions, or both, by gravity separation (settling), centrifugal action, and filtration.


A cyclone separator in which granular solids are removed from a stream of water and classified by centrifugal force.


A device for separating a solid-liquid mixture during an industrial process by using a conical vortex and centrifugal force.


The rotating wheel of a centrifugal pump.


The force directed toward the center of curvature, which constrains a body to move in a curved path. The opposite is CENTRIFUGAL FORCE.


The direction of the acceleration of gravity as opposed to the normal to the reference ellipsoid. It is in the direction of the resultant of the gravitational and centrifugal accelerations of the earth at the location of the observer. Also called PLUMB-BOB VERTICAL.


Any horizontal wind velocity tangent to the contour line of a constant pressure surface (or to the isobar of a geopotential surface) at the point in question. At such points where the wind is gradient, the Coriolis force and the centrifugal force together exactly balance the horizontal pressure force.


The equipotential surface in the gravity field of the earth; the surface to which the oceans would conform over the entire earth if free to adjust to the combined effect of the earth's mass attraction and the centrifugal force of the earth's rotation. As a result of the uneven distribution of the earth's mass, the geoidal surface is irregular. The geoid is a surface along which the gravity potential is everywhere equal (equipotential surface) and to which the direction of gravity is always perpendicular. Also called FIGURE OF THE EARTH.

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