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A signboard attached to a daybeacon to convey navigational information presenting one of several standard shapes (square, triangle, rectangle) and colors (red, green, orange, yellow, or black). Daymarks usually have reflective material indicating the shape, but may also be lighted.

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Material safety data sheet information sheet for the safe use and stowage of a material.


Acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a standard method of representing alphanumeric characters with numbers in a computer


Workplace Hazardous Material Information System.


  1. An instrument that measures the penetrating power of a beam of xrays or other penetrating radiation. 2. An instrument used to determine the consistency of a material by measurement of the depth to which a standard needle penetrates into it under standard conditions.


An unlighted beacon. A daybeacon is identified by its color and the color, shape and number of its daymark. The simplest form of daybeacon consists of a single pile with a daymark affixed at or near its top. See also DAYMARK.


Divisions made of incombustible material and capable of preventing the passage of smoke and flame up to the end of the first 12 hour of the standard fire test.


The breaking off of the surface refractory material as a result of internal stresses.


A unit of measurement equal to the space occupied by a standard twenty foot container. Used in stating the capacity of container vessel or storage area. One 40 ft. Container is equal to two TEU's.


A covering of sheets of metal or other material such as fire resistant composition board used to enclose all or a portion of a steam-generating unit.


As defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a transmitter in the aeronautical radionavigation service which radiates vertically a distinctive pattern for providing position information to aircraft.

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