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Transports heavy or oversize cargoes mounted to its top deck instead of inside a hold. Machinery, appliances, project cargoes and even recreational vehicles move on deck barges.

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The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside faces of the cargo battens, and lower side of the deck beams, and the top of the tank top ceiling.


A bridge that carries the deck on the very top of the superstructure.


  1. A rope (line) leading from gaff to either side of the deck, used to prevent the gaff from sagging.
  2. One of a pair of ropes leading from the deck to the head of a spritsail. It steadies the sprit and can control the sails performmance during a tack. The vang fall blocks are mounted slightly afore the main horse while rolling vangs are extra preventers lead forward to keep the sail to leeward in heavy weather.


The upper edge of the hull. The top timber on the rail round the outer edge of the deck.


Small superstructure on the top deck which contains the steering wheel and other navigational instruments.


Inverted-cone device for the separation of heavy particulates (such as sand, ore, or other mineral matter) from a liquid stream; feed enters the top of the cone, heavy particles settle to the bottom where they can be withdrawn, and liquid overflows the top edge, carrying the smaller particles or those of lower gravity over the rim; used in the mining and chemical industries.


The vertical distance from the molded baseline to the top of the freeboard deck beam at side, measured at midlength of the ship


A bridge deck constructed typically of flat steel plate and longitudinal and transverse ribs; functions in carrying traffic and acting as top flanges of floor beams.


A heavy smooth-surfaced fitting usually located near the edge of the weather deck through which wire ropes or fiber hawsers may be led, usually to piers


Wooden support framework constructed on deck in order to distribue the weight of heavy loads.

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