A radiobeacon established for use by both mariners and airmen

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A manned station providing a light usually of high intensity and reliability. It may also provide sound signal and radiobeacon services.


A radiobeacon whose service is intended primarily for aircraft


A special radiobeacon operated primarily for calibrating shipboard radio direction finders. These radiobeacons transmit either continuously during scheduled hours or upon request.


A radiobeacon whose service is intended primarily for the benefit of ships.


A low powered radiobeacon used primarily to mark a specific location such as the end of a jetty. Usually used primarily for homing bearings. Also called MARKER BEACON.


A radiobeacon transmitting a signal in all directions. A circular radiobeacon is an omnidirectional beacon which transmits in all horizontal directions simultaneously. A rotating radiobeacon is an omnidirectional beacon with one or more beams that rotate. A DIRECTIONAL RADIOBEACON is a beacon which beams its signals in one or several prescribed directions.


As defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a station in the radionavigation service the emissions of which are intended to enable a mobile station to determine its bearing or direction from the radiobeacon station.


A radio transmitting station which emits a distinctive or characteristic signal so a navigator can determine the direction of the source using a radio direction finder, providing a line of posi- tion. The most common type of marine radiobeacon transmits radio waves of approximately uniform strength in all directions. These omnidirectional beacons are called circular radiobeacons. A radio- beacon some or all of the emissions of which are directional so that the signal characteristic changes according to the vessel’s bearing from the beacon is called a directional radiobeacon. A radiobeacon all or part of the emissions of which is concentrated in a beam which rotates is called a rotating radiobeacon.


The description of the complete cycle of transmission of a radiobeacon in a given period of time, inclusive of any silent period.


One of a group of marine radiobeacons in the same geographical area, except those operating continuously, that transmit on a single frequency. Each radiobeacon transmits for 1 minute of each period in sequence with other beacons of the group. If less than six radiobeacons are assigned to a group, one or more of the beacons may transmit during two 1-minute periods.

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