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An antenna in which the beam width is determined by the dimensions of a horn, lens, or reflector.

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1. That portion, in facsimile, of the subject copy which is seen by the scanner at any instant; it can be considered a square area having dimensions equal to the width of the scanning line. 2. In television, any segment of a scanning line, the dimension of which along the line is exactly equal to the nominal line width; the area which is being explored at any instant in the scanning process. Also known as critical area; elemental area; pixel; recording spot; scanning spot.


A caliper having two curved legs which point toward each other; used for measuring outside dimensions of a workpiece.


Stereoscopic device to project aerial photographs onto surfaces so that the images may be viewed in three dimensions by using anaglyphic spectacles; used to prepare topographic maps.


Difference in dimensions between the molding and the mold cavity, measured at normal room temperature.


1. A building that is constructed of preassembled or presized units of standard sizes; uses a 4-inch (10.16-centimeter) cubical module as a reference. 2. An assembly involving the use of integral multiples of a given length for the dimensions of electronic components and electronic equipment, as well as for spacings of holes in a chassis or printed wiring board. 3. An assembly made from modules.


A very small actuator, with physical dimensions in the submicrometer to millimeter range, generally batch-fabricated from silicon wafers.


A locating device with fixed hole locations or part positions; locates in three dimensions and generally occupies the same space as the part it represents.


[DESENG] Amicrometercaliper with the points turned outward for measuring the internal dimensions of an object.


[ENG ACOUS] An enclosure having a small opening consisting of a straight tube of such dimensions that the enclosure resonates at a single frequency determined by the geometry of the resonator.


Dimensions of ships structural members, e.g., frame, beam, girder, etc.

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