Of or pertaining to the ear or sense of hearing

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In this document, “phase” is used in the sense of one constituent in a mixture of several. In particular, the term refers to either oil, gas or water in a mixture of any number of the three.


When two boats are approaching each other from any angle and this angle remains the same over time (constant bearing) they are on a collision course. Because of the implication of disaster (ships might collide) it has come to mean a problem or an obstacle which is heading your way. Often used in the sense of a warning, as in 'watch out for this problem you might not see coming.


The horizontal coordinate of a set of rectangular coordinates. Also used in a similar sense in connection with oblique coordinates. absolu


1. A line making the same oblique angle with all fictitious meridians of an oblique Mercator map projection. Oblique parallels and meridians may be considered special cases of the oblique rhumb line. 2. Any rhumb line, real or fictitious, making an oblique angle with its meridians. In this sense the expression is used to distinguish such rhumb lines from parallels and meridians, real or fictitious, which may be included in the expression rhumb line.


A radiobeacon whose carrier wave is unbroken but which is modulated with the identification signal. The continuous carrier wave signal is not audible to the operator of an aural null direction finder not having a beat frequency oscillator. The use of the continuous carrier wave improves the performance of automatic direction finders. The marine radiobeacons on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the U.S. are of this type.


The vertical coordinate of a set of rectangular coordinates. Also used in a similar sense in connection with oblique coordinates.


The term used in a wide sense to include any area of sea ice, other than fast ice, no matter what form it takes or how it is disposed.


The solution of the 180° ambiguity present in some radio direction finding systems.


Devices that automatically monitor for and sense the occurrence of a fire and, in some instances, will be used to extinguish the fire.


The point at which sellers have fulfilled their obligations so the goods in a legal sense could be said to have been delivered to the buyer. They are shorthand expressions that set out the rights and obligations of each party when it comes to transporting the goods. Following, are the thirteen terms of sale in international trade as Terms of Sale re ected in the recent amendment to the International chamber of Commerce Terms of Trade (INCOTERMS), effective July 1990: exw, fca, fas, fob, cfr, cif, cpt, cip, daf, des, deq, ddu and ddp.

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