A slow but fairly constant southeast branch of the North Atlantic Current and part of the Gulf Stream System. Its mean speed is only 0.4 knot, and the mean maximum speed computed from all observations above 1 knot in the prevailing direction is 1.3 knots. There is no discernible seasonal fluctuation. The speed and direction of the current is easily influenced for short periods by changing winds. The Azores Current is an inner part of the general clockwise oceanic circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean. Also called SOUTHEAST DRIFT CURRENT.

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When two different adjacent metals are heated, an electric current is generated between the metals.


An instrument for measuring the magnitude of electric current flow.


A flash, caused by an electric current ionizing a gas or vapor.


A term referring to a circuit in which a current is flowing. Also referred to as live.


An intermediate shear rate viscometer that predicts the ability of an oil to permit a satisfactory cranking speed to be developed in a cold engine. (CCS)


A device which converts mechanical energy, into alternating current.


The error in the reading of the gyrocompass, expressed in degrees east or west to indicate the direction in which the axis of the compass is offset from true north.


Any real function that satisfies a certain equation. In its simplest form, as used in tide and tidal current predictions, it is a quantity that varies as the cosine of an angle that increases uniformly with time


The amplitudes and epochs of the harmonic constituents of the tide or tidal current at any place


An ocean current flowing northwestward along the northeast coast of South America. The Guiana Current is an extension of the Atlantic South Equatorial Current, which crosses the equator and approaches the coast of South America. Eventually, it is joined by part of the Atlantic North Equatorial Current and becomes, successively, the CARIBBEAN ISLANDS, and the FLORIDA CURRENT. Also called NORTH BRAZIL CURRENT.

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