That part of a beach which is usually dry, being reached only by the highest tides, and by extension, a narrow strip of relatively flat coast bordering the sea.

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Mechanical device using steam to strip dissolve gases from the boiler feedwater and heating the feedwater.


An extra strip of canvas secured below a bonnet , further to increase the area of a course


A narrow strip of land connecting two larger portions of land. A submarine elevation joining two land areas and separating two basins or depressions by a depth less than that of the basins is called a submarine isthmus.


1. A narrow isthmus, cape or promontory. 2. The land areas between streams flowing into a sound or bay. 3. A narrow strip of land which connects a peninsula with the mainland. 4. A narrow body of water between two larger bodies; a strait.


Any plain which has its margin on the shore of a large body of water, particularly the sea, and generally represents a strip of recently emerged sea bottom


Strips of wood fitted inside the frames to keep cargo away from hull steelwork. Also called sparring


A pressure part of the boiler consisting of a flat tube sheet into which the ends of the water tubes are rolled. In a parallel plane is a tube cap or handhole sheet. The two sheets are spaced about 4 to 8 in. or more apart. The top and bottom and both ends are flanged together and riveted or may be closed by a narrow flanged strip of plate riveted to each sheet. Circulating nipples connect the top of the header and drum, or the header may be flanged and riveted directly to the drum. Welding would be used today instead of rivets.


A strip of thin plate used on the inner surfaces of the abutting ends of pipe, tubes, or plates which are butt-welded. Its purpose is to prevent irregularities at the base weld and to permit penetration at its root.


1. A stiff strip used to support the roach of a sail, enabling increased sail area. 2. Any thin strip of material (wood, plastic etc) which can be used any number of ways.


A long narrow area of pack ice, about 1 kilometer or less in width, usually composed of small fragments detached from the main mass of ice, and run together under the influence of wind, swell, or current.

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